The America-Nepal Friendship Society (ANFS) applauds your continuing interest in issues that we all care so deeply about. The success of ANFS is dependent upon recruiting committed friends and supporters, like you, who are willing to devote the time and effort necessary to make a difference. Currently, the organization is going through a critical restructuring stage in an effort to increase its relevance.

Your membership wtih ANFS begins with the membership form below:

ANFS Membership Cover Letter (pdf)

ANFS Membership Form (pdf)

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Those of us who are involved in the process are very excited to be a part of this volunteer organization and believe sincerely in this partnership between American and Nepali people and its potential. We are confident that you, too, will enjoy this affiliation and hope that you will join us in our fellowship.

ANFS is a committed organization with a growing membership. Over 95 percent members are life members. We are very proud of their commitment and are actively working to expand our circle of friends.